Merchant Tokens R Lovett Sr.


Collins Ready Made Store Card

 HT 241, brass, 27mm

Robert Lovett Sr. Store Card

HT 288, brass, 25.3mm

Printing block of HT 288

     These two pieces are among the rarest of the works produced by Robert Lovett Sr.; both are rated as R7 (4 to 12 specimens surviving). They are known only in brass. An example of HT 241 graded NGC MS 62 sold for $6555 in 2009. An Au example of HT 288 from the Dice Hick's Collection sold for $16,100 in 2008.  Several recent sales have brought lower prices.
      Robert Lovett Sr's business was located at 67 Maiden Lane in New York City in 1833/34; Williams Collins was at that location in 1838/39.

Franklin Bust Tokens

       In his "Standard Catalog of United States Tokens" Russell Rulau list these as the work of Robert Lovett Jr. and has a date of circa 1856. I am proposing these are the work of his father Robert Sr. If the date of 1856 is correct Robert Jr. was already in Philadelphia. Also, on all his other works he referred to himself as "Jr." while his father was simply Robert Lovett. And if he was producing a token in New York City for his business, in competition with his father, he would have almost certainly used the designation "Jr."
NY 504, silver, 29mm

NY 505, copper, 29mm
NY 506, brass, 27.6mm
Franklin Bust Mules

     The Franklin Bust die was muled with the first and second obverse dies from George H's Headquarters Series medals, most likely by George H.
Baker 205 -  first obverse, silver, 28mm
(on line image)

Baker 205A -  first obverse, copper, 28mm

Baker 205B -  first obverse, brass, 27.4mm

Baker 206 - second obverse, silver, 28mm

Baker 206A - second obverse, copper, 28mm

Baker 206B - second obverse, brass, 28mm