About Robert Lovett Sr.

Robert Lovett Sr.

Robert Lovett Sr., working in New York City and for a short time in Philadelphia, produced a small but somewhat significant body of work. His storecard is listed as a Hard Times Token HT288 and is very scarce. An AU example sold in 2008 for $16,100, so if you are contemplating putting together a complete set of his works start saving your money! Another scarce example of his work is the Polk/Dallas Campaign Medalet, DeWitt JP 1844-3. Not as pricey as the storecard, that medalet rarely comes up for sale. My favorite medal of his is the 1842 Croton Aqueduct Completion Medal. It is such a superb example of the engraver's art and a testament to the skill of Robert Sr.. His best works probably were his sons, George H., Robert Jr., and John D., who went on to produce many of the medals and tokens of the Civil War and post-Civil War era.
News Clip
Robert Lovett Sr. ad from the December 12, 1817 
“Poulson's american Daily Advertiser”, Philadelphia, PA.