American Institute Medals

American Institute Medals

Harkness NY-40, circa 1840 - 1848

Silver, 51.2mm
Awarded to "John S. Weeden / For a Model of a / Counterpoise Bridge / 1843

Bronze, 51mm, Van Schaich Medal

     (on line image)

Andrew Harkness does not list a bronze version of this variety nor does he mention any Van Schaich
medals being awarded in this variety  
  Harkness NY-50, circa 1848 - 1856

Silver, 51.1mm

Harkness NY-51, circa 1848 - 53

Bronze, 51.1mm
     Harkness 51 is referred to as the Benefactor Premium. They are identical to Harkness 50 but were only struck in bronze and the inscriptions include "Van Schaich Premium". Andrew Harkness says these were awarded to pioneers in the silk industry. This example is awarded to "Miss Harriet Summy for the Best Bushell of Cacoons".

Harkness NY-60, 1858 - 1868

Bronze, 51.6mm

Silver, 51mm
(on line image)

Harkness Unlisted, Mule of NY-60 obverse - NY-130 reverse

Bronze, 51mm
This piece appears to be a mule of Robert Sr's obverse and George H's
reverse, although the reverse of NY-130 does not have the beaded
rim. Possibly a muling by George H.?

Harkness NY-70, 1842-1860, 1925-1926

Gold, 28.2mm

Awarded to Ebenezer Barrows for a Superior Rotary Engine, 1853.  From JK Americana website " Barrows' engine was apparently designed to run steamboats, and he received a good amount of press for his creation at the time. It was patented in England in 1851 and in the US in 1854. Barrows died in Brooklyn in 1858." 

Copper, 28.3mm
Overstruck on an 1853 cent

Brass, 28mm
(on line image)

Silver, 28mm
(image courtesy of Stacks Bowers)
      Andrew Harkness, in his 1989 article in the T.A.M.S. Journal, does not list a silver version of this medal. This unawarded piece was in the March 2014 Stacks Bowers sale.

Harkness NY-120, Medal of Special Award, circa 1872

Bronze, 51.2mm


 Andrew Harkness attributes this to Robert Jr. and calls the obverse the same as Harkness 40 above. Close examination reveals these are not the same dies and there is no evidence of the signature found on Harkness 40.  If these were engraved by a Lovett it was likely George H..