Political Medalets

Robert Lovett Sr. Political Medalets

1833 Andrew Jackson Hard Times Token

HT 7A, brass, 26mm

1834 Whig Victory Hard Times Token

HT 14, Brass, 25.4mm

1836 Martin Van Buren Campaign Medalets

DeWitt 1836 unlisted (obverse of 1836-3), white metal, 31mm
(image courtesy of Stacks Bowers)

   Is this campaign medalet the work of Robert Lovett Sr.?  The following piece is listed in Sullivan's work on campaign medalets and the "Our Next President" die is associated with the work of both his sons, George H. and John D.. The description is Sullivan says the reverse of 1836-3 was muled with others at a later date which assumes the original use was in 1836. But could the piece above, unknown to DeWitt or Sullivan, be the original combination? And at a later date one of the sons used the Van Buren die with the "Our Next President" die?

DeWitt MVB 1836-3, white metal, 30mm
      This reverse die is found muled with a variety of other dies, both campaign pieces and others, associated with the Lovett family. If it was produced in 1836 it would have had to have been done by Robert Sr. or Robert Jr. since neither of his other two sons were working with him at the time.

1844 James Polk Campaign Medalet

DeWitt JP 1844-3, white metal, 39mm